New Homes Beverly Hills gives buyers the option to look for new homes in Beverly Hills, the prices start at $800,000. Beverly Hills homes have many amenities. We also services new homes in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Culver City and Los Angeles. Begin your search today.

New and Under Construction Homes in the Beverly Hills

In today's real estate market, Beverly Hills tends to have a steady supply of new and foreclosed homes, short sale properties and bank-owned houses. While there are many reasons houses become distressed homes in the Beverly Hills area, the primary reason is that the homeowners are underwater on their mortgage, meaning they owe more to the bank than the home is worth.

Many Beverly Hills homes purchased at the peak of California's housing bubble are now worth significantly less than their purchase price, creating a dilemma for the owners of the homes, but a tremendous buying opportunity for those in a position to purchase foreclosed homes and distressed properties. Many homeowners who are not confident that their homes will return to these bubble-era valuations have chosen to seek loan modifications to reduce their principal and monthly payments. Other homeowners have chosen to negotiate short sales with their lending institutions, or have simply seen their homes fall into foreclosure and be repossessed by the mortgage lenders. These socalled bank-owned homes, or REO properties, are often available at significant discounts versus standard listings.